The first thing is to deside to purchase property which buyer prefers.

2.Purchase Contract of Real Estate

It is required to submit “Purchase Application Form” of the property to the seller.
If this Application is accepted by the seller, we can prepare for the Contract.
We will provide buyer “Explanation of Important Matters” prior to the execution of Contract.

Explanation of Important Matters

Before concluding the Contract, buyer will be received the explanation of the important matters.
The Important Matters mean the items which are required to be provided for explanation by real estate company for the benefit of its buyer,
Including such items as the entries on the registry book of the target property, the regulations by the City Planning Law
and the Building Standards Law, and regarding the termination of Contraact.

Conclusion of Agreement

  1. Purchase Contract shall state clearly the price, area aggregate, delivery date and others of the purchasing property.
  2. “List of Fixings” and “Condition Report of the Real Estate”are included in the documents which will be provided to the buyer for confirmation purpose at the time of conclusion.
    These documents are intended to seek the buyer’s confirmation of fixings belonged to the purchasing property at the present condition.

Requirements for the conclusion of Contract;

  1. Earnest ( indication range is from 5 % to 10% of the price).
  2. Stamp Duty ( to be put on the agreement)
  3. Seal or Signature
  4. Half of agent commission
  5. Identity verification documents (authorized proof of signature and driver’s license or passport or health insurance card )

3.Loan Application

In case that the buyer needs to get a housing loan, he /she shall apply for the loan at a banking institution after the conclusion of Contract.
There are various loan products. Please consult with us whenever in need.

4.Payment of Remaining Balance and Delivery of Property.

Now, we have come to the stage of the payment of remaining balance and the delivery of the property.
We will accommodate with the seller and fix the settlement date of the remaining balance.

  1. Buyer needs to pay the remaining balance to the seller and at the same time the seller delivers the property, keys and others to the buyer.
  2. Registration process of transfer of ownership is usually handled by judicial scrivener as buyer’s proxy.

Requirements for the settlement of remaining balance:

  1. Seal or Signature
  2. Affidavit
  3. Legal Certificate of Residences ( of all the people living with the buyer )
  4. Driver’s license, etc ( for identification of the buyer)
  5. Payment of the remaining balance( the execution of loan will be made on the same date)
  6. Settlement of fixed asset tax /city planning tax (tax burden shall be on the seller before and on the buyer after the delivery date).
  7. Stamp Duties
  8. Settlement of Maintenance Fee and the Building Repair Fund ( Proration ).
  9. Registration Fee
  10. Other half of agent commission.
  11. Preparation of property insurance
  12. Authorized proof of signature and the authorization of mortgage creation to register in case using housing loan.
  13. All other extras
    *There may be cases requiring items other than the above-described. Please ask our staff whenever you need
  14. Move-in / Move-out

When relocating, buyer is required to notify the change of legal certificate of residence, address and others to the related authorities.
Additionally, buyer needs to package load and dispose the garbage. For preparation for relocation,
the following items are required to notify to the related authorities.
Representative examples;

  1. Professional moving company
  2. Municipalities
  3. Electricity supply
  4. Gas supply
  5. Water supply
  6. Telephone service
  7. School
  8. Automobile, bike
  9. Various qualifications / licensees
  10. Real Estate Acquisition tax( It is required to pay this tax on several months after acquisition property.)
  11. Pets
  12. Others